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Yes this was our April Fool’s post for 2011 🙂

Every year at the end of March we phase out some of the products that we offered the year before and add new ones.  We’re super-excited to offer our 2011 and 2012 brides the latest in flushmount album technology, the german made
Olfakt ONE – the world’s first leather-bound skratch and sniff wedding album.

olfakt ONE, worlds' first scratch and sniff wedding albums, offered exclusively by Lisette and Alessandro Di Sciascio of Di Sciascio Photography, South Florida wedding photography

These gorgeous creations, wrapped in the finest polish leather are soaked for months in aloe vera lotion for an even more exquisite nasal experience (you can rub your nose on the cover of the album and you won’t experience any redness).
The miracle though happens as you turn the pages and are greeted by not only the colors of your wedding, but the smells as well!  Imagine being taken back to your hair and makeup session with our wonderful “13 – whymsical cloud of hair spray” scented page, transitioning to the next page where you’re putting on your gown and taking in a wiff of “5- Secret – you know the tagline!” (other scents from popular antiperspirants are available a-la-carte).
The experience can go in any direcition you’d like.  Every spread of your album can be laced with the wonderful smells of the day. Choose from:
“19 – Fresh Roses in Blossom“, “87 – rolling in a fields of daisies,” but also scents appropriate for the guy’s getting ready shots, such as “69 – Jack and Jose together at last,”  “49 – scents from the football field,” and “27 – just because my palms are sweaty doesn’t mean I’m freaking out”

The albums feature flush-mount seamless spreads on Kodak Ektachrome paper, the scents are abundantly poured upon the spreads so we do recommend allowing the album to air out for a period of 18 days after receiving your book.
here’s how you use the book:

olfakt ONE, worlds' first scratch and sniff wedding albums, offered exclusively by Lisette and Alessandro Di Sciascio of Di Sciascio Photography, South Florida wedding photography

Additional reception-specific scents are available a-la-carte though they aren’t appropriate for all clients.  They include:
“107- Had a bit too much tequila,” “103- Grinding on the dance floor,” “43 -Family formals smell of old folks,” and the very risque “199 -Technically this wasn’t supposed to happen until later”

The Olfakt scratch and sniff series albums are available for immediate ordering, they come in 10×10 size, 20 spreads and are priced at $1,500
for more information please email us by clicking here
We hope all our clients and friends had a fun and safe April Fools’ day, and just as a reminder… if you head over to our facebook page we’re giving away our Portrait Guide for looking awesome in your own photos or professional ones… as well as tips on selecting wall art sizes.  The information in the guide comes from our own experience and from reading the thoughts on the subject of dozens of other very well respected photographers.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha … we’d like to offer those in our studio as well… can you get us in touch with Olfakt?

  2. We’re getting married in the southern part of France on the last week of September. We’d like to hire a Miami based photographer to come spend two weeks with us there. We’d like an engagement session on the second day there and then a few shots on two or three evenings when we’re out on the town. Wedding on the last day. We’d prefer if you and your assistant could fly with us and stay in the same Bed and Breakfast.
    So now we’re even!!!! April Fool’s!!!!!!

  3. Che pagliacciata! Mitico, Mitico, Mitico… l’anno prossimo na cosa del genere la facciamo pure noi! Ciao Ale!

  4. Somebody needs to submit this to an actual album manufacturer. THEY should be doing silly things like this on April Fool’s

  5. Alessandro, I’m a lurker on FM, just wanted to thank you for making me laugh (uncontrollably) I’m so glad I followed the link!

  6. No, actually I was shooting a session with George Clooney and asked him if he’d be up to it

  7. Rachel – Indeed! I set up my blog to send comment notifications to a specific email address… to avoid spamming up our main box… then forgot to configure the ipod to read that email box. FAIL!

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