Proofing your Wedding Album

If you’re reading this, you probably received your album proof. We hope you love it!

We design every single album in house for each individual client without using “templates” etc. Your album is completely custom and designed to follow the events of your wedding day.

So what happens next?

Take a look at your album.  Is it perfect?  If so then just send us an email saying that you approve the album as designed.  If the album credit you purchased with your package or sometime after the wedding covers the exact number of spreads as designed then that’s it.  All done!

If you purchased more or fewer spreads than the album design included and you don’t want to change the album (eliminate spreads or add spreads) then you may purchase the additional spreads (if you didn’t purchase enough) or you may elect to receive a credit towards album upgrades or other print products (if you purchased more than were designed).

Why didn’t you design my album to be exactly the number of spreads I pre-purchased?

Quite simply, we’re not a cookie-cutter operation.  If you look at our sample albums they are all different lengths.  Certain weddings have more things going on than others, certain clients ask us for tons of spreads with the reception dancing, while others prefer a spread or two.  We make an educated guess based on our perception of the day and our conversations prior to the wedding, to determine what is important to you.  However we realize we are not perfect, so we put you in the ultimate decision-making position.

I would like to make changes to my album.  how would I do that?

The images in your album proof shows the actual filenames of the images.  You may use those file names to reference images when conveying instructions to us.  For instance, say that we put FuentesDisciascioFinal322 on page 37-38 (37 is the left side, 38 is the right) … and say that you prefer FuentesDiSciascioFinal323.

Simply send us instructions that say “on page 37 replace FuentesDiSciascio322 with FuentesDiSciascio323”

If you want to eliminate a spread (two pages – you can only remove two at a time) write “Please eliminate pages 37-38.

If you want to add a new spread (two pages – you can only add two pages at a time) after pg 40 say “Please add a spread between 39-40 and 41-42 and include the following images: FuentesDiSciascio…..”

How much can I change?

Our album prices include 2 hours of revisions.  Adding spreads is not counted against you as the additional spreads’ price includes the design fee.  Removing spreads entirely is also not counted against you as removing a whole spread and all the images contained in it is a very fast operation.  The time is counted when you request image substitutions, edits beyond those already performed, rearranging images, etc.  Should you request changes that we determine would take more than two hours we will let you know and give you the option to revise the changes or to prepay for them.

How many changes do most clients request?

Most of our clients request no changes.  The changes we do receive on occasion involve adding some family formals to the album.  We do not design family formals into the album as most clients prefer prints for those.  Most of our clients never make requests.

How should we submit our requests if we have some?

You should send one email detailing all the changes.  Please make sure you are comfident you have identified all the changes before sending your request.

Are there any suggestions you would make?

It is not our job to tell you how to approach this.  However we can offer the one lesson we have learned from speaking with most of our clients.  You might want to consider NOT involving your family in the decision-making process for what will and what won’t be included in the album.  Design-by-committee is a sure way to increase heartburn, strain relationships and delay your album.

We look forward to hearing from you and to sending your album to print!




Lisette and Alessandro