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So you like what you’ve seen and you’d like to hire us for your wedding or portraits.  Well… you can’t. 🙂

No that’s actually NOT a joke.  You can’t hire us directly.  I’m totally serious here.

Why?  Well because if you could that would mean that instead of being a photographer I’d have to be a small business owner.  Yeah… I’d have to collect and pay sales tax… I’d have to track all sorts of obscure expenses and deliver boxes and boxes to my accountant.  Oh yes… I’d actually have to HAVE an accountant… I’d probably need to have a meeting place, an office if you will… a “Studio” as some others call it… and yeah that would get pretty old.

I am and want to be a Photographer, not a small business owner.

So how did all those happy people you see on the site get to have me as their photographer even though as I said you CANNOT hire me?

One of two ways:

1.  If you want me as your main photographer, you can hire Acromatico Photography for the gig and ask that Alessandro be your photographer

2.  If you already have another photographer and want me to add a different perspective to your day, you can ask your photographer to hire me as a second photographer.

I know, crazy, right?