October 2009 Promotion – Get a Free One Hour Family Photography Session

I’m running a last minute promotion.  The details are below.  First is a description of what you’ll get, followed by the pre-requisites in order to qualify, followed by what you should do to win a session.  I hope we’ll shoot together soon!

Here’s what you would get for free:

  1. One hour of family photography either on location, or in your home
  2. Processing of keepers
  3. Keepers in web-sized format ready for facebook – tastefully branded with my logo and web address.
  4. A Blog post about your session
  5. One 8×10 print of your choice, or a print credit towards an 8×10 which you can then upgrade to a different print size
  6. No names of minors will be posted anywhere unless you specifically ask for names to be included.


  1. You are on facebook (if you’re not… here’s a good reason to join!) and have at least 50 facebook friends combined (you can add the friends of all the photo subjects to meet this requirement)
  2. You are a fan of my photography page (you can become a fan on this page)
  3. You are (or become) a friend on facebook (look for Alessandro Di Sciascio)
  4. You are available to shoot your session before October 24th 2009 either after 5:00pm on a weekday, or on a weekend
  5. You are willing to sign a photography contract that specifies that the session is free to you, but includes a model release authorizing me to use the photos for promotion of my business
  6. Your family photography includes at least 3 subjects
  7. You are willing to be photographed on location, or in your home
  8. You wouldn’t have a problem with me bringing a second photographer/assistant along if I decide to
  9. You live within 20 miles of Hollywood Florida or can meet me for the session within 20 miles of Hollywood Florida.

How do YOU win this offer 🙂

The first friend/Fan to respond to my Facebook posting saying that they want in will automatically be a winner.  If for some reason the first poster falls through I will take the second and so on.  Assuming I have at least 5 requests I will also pick out a second winner, and if I have more than 5 I will pick one more.

These picks will be based primarily on how creative you are about your post, and more specifically how strong of a case you make for you winning this… in terms of a cool location we’d be shooting at (hey if you have the coolest house that works… we can’t all live in front of the Tour Eiffel) or a theme, or whatnot.  Keep in mind that I’m looking to create at least one relatively formal portrait, other than that I’m open to any crazy fun ideas once that shot is in the bag, and in fact I encourage you to think of props, activities etc. that would showcase YOUR family as it really is.

When you respond please include the days/times you would be available between today and Friday, October 23th 2009 and your idea.  If you want to keep your date/times private or your idea a secret, then please post a reply saying I’m in and then send me a private FB message with the other details.

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