Eloy – Location Portraits

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Just finished editing my shots from the portrait session Nadia and I had with Eloy on July 19.  I spent most of the session assisting Nadia so there isn’t a lot of variety in the set.

Two thumbs up for Eloy for being a very cool guy and also for coming super-prepared!  He brought some clippings from fashion mags with some ideas, as well as quite a few items of clothing for us to choose from.  We definitelly look forward to the opportunity to shoot with him again!

A shout-out also to Renato.  He came along with Eloy on the shoot and helped us immensely.  Since we decided to go lightweight with the kit (no stands for instance) most of the shots would not have been possible without your help.  Thank you!

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Here’s Eloy not taking himself too seriously 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Eloy – Location Portraits”

  1. Dear Alessandro and Nadia –

    I’m writing to let you know it was an outstanding experience. The pictures look great. You all exceeded my expectations. Thank you for providing such a warm, professional, and fun environment. I won’t hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone who needs assistance with a great photographer. Once again thank you.

    Eloy LeBron

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this photo shoot! Eloy, you are a great model and it was a pleasure to work with you! Alessandro, thanks for your assistance and guidance, I am pleased with the results! I also want to express my gratitude to Renato who assisted in holding the lights and reflector(s). Thanks guys!

  3. Wow, Eloy…I did not know this side of you! It looks great, I mean you look great. Keep up the good work and makes us at Puerto Rico be more proud of you!

  4. Lysette,

    Actually all the photos in this set are mine 🙂 … but Nadia was a huge help in getting those photos done (we both assisted one another, so she was holding the lights for my photos and I was for hers), and she did, in fact, take some awesome shots of her own… you can see a couple of them in her flickr photostream here

    We’ll hopefully shoot quite a bit together as she’s lot of fun to work with, so for future reference, when you see an image posted and it has the “Moments” logo in the bottom left corner it’s my shot, Nadia’s say “Nadia Adrienne” in the upper left … see the latest post on the blog here: http://www.disciascio.com/blog/wedding/2009/08/anna-sean-wedding-deerfield-beach-part-ii/ … check out her FANTASTIC bride’s shoes shot and an awesome dance shot too.

    Thank you so much for commenting!


  5. Eloy: I dont know if u remember me from San Pablo College. I saw ur pics and the video and u look so different. Wish u the best and continuos success… the luck is for those who arent prepare.

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