Studio Album

From time to time you will see us post the Studio Album from one of our South Florida Wedding photography jobs or maybe from an engagement.  We’ve had a few visitors write and ask why the Studio Master Album was different from the wedding album they saw at their friends’ house.

A Studio Album is an album that for the most part reflects only our own artistic vision.  While we’d love for our clients to fall in love with our design and purchase exactly the album as designed, sometimes clients prefer certain images to ohters, or choose to go with a higher or lower page count than our design.  This will lead to discrepancies between the printed albums and the Master you see here.

More importantly, while we do put our artistic vision into the designs, our ultimate goal is always to have clients who are thrilled with the products they buy, so we are open to make stylistic compromises for the print products.  For instance we’ve had clients offer to pay us for specialized editing, such as Selective color (the processed look where certain items in the photo are in color and the rest is black and white).  Personally we prefer a more classic, high end look, and would not use Selective color and other “Fad” manipulations in our advertising, hence if a client paid for that kind of “look” we would comply but leave the Studio Album as our “advertisement.”

That’s not to say that we haven’t updated Studio Albums to match clients’ changes.  If the change fits within our vision (the client came up with a better idea that we love more than ours) we certainly update the Studio Album.