Joanne, Doug and Brendyn – Baby Bump family portrait session in North Miami Beach – Miami Pregnancy Photographer

I could post that one image and frankly it would say all there is to say 🙂

It was my first time photographing a baby bump session (that’s what I call expectant mom or pregnancy photography by the way) that included Dad Mom and an older sibling. And I AM HOOKED!!! I’ll be honest… I was worried that it would be tough to do a baby bump session with a little toddler … well … toddling around. Boy was I wrong…

Brendyn was a TOTAL HAM. Ok, and he’s ridiculously adorable too… here… check him out:

here he is…

kissing mommy…

kissing daddy…

kissing sis!

See… right there. Couldn’t I just stop? When I saw that on the back of the camera I just had to tell Joanne… look we can just end it here… there’s NO WAY I’m topping this shot… it’s all downhill from here 🙂

the whole family together…

Joanne and Doug catching a couple of moments together…

Doug being silly (ok, I put him up to it – but it’s totally in character )

Mommy and baby-2-be having a moment alone…

I absolutely love this shot of mommy above… gorgeous mommy, amazing expression!

Everyone kissing baby!

reading to baby

Brendyn takes center stage again…

Rock on, little dude!

Anne Geddes, here I come LOL

I’m so glad Doug insisted I try to get this shot… I LOVE IT!

And we close with an abstract… but one that is so indicative of Brendyn’s playful relationship with his soon-to-be baby sister:

Guys… it was an honor and a pleasure to spend a few hours with you and capture these amazing moments for you to share with your baby girl when she’s Brendyn’s age. Can’t wait to see your two little ones together sometime in the very near future!

You can see the rest of the photos on the proofs site

Djrianna and Ralph – Baby Bump session in Hollywood – South Florida Pregnancy Photographer

Like in some of those suspensful movies… let’s start from the end. Dj and Ralph are no longer just Dj and Ralph… baby Tristran has already joined their family increasing it’s size to 3! Yay!

We had a fantastic time taking photos of these awesome young parents (well obviously they were parents-to-be when we shot) on Hollywood beach … time flew and by the time we all looked at our watches it was like “it’s WHAT TIME?!?!?”

I’m going to start with my favorite shot of the session, which was Lisette’s idea:

It seems like a great shot to start with considering that little Tristran is now part of the picture… and no, unfortunately I don’t have a photo of Tristran… but I can paint a mental picture. Take Ralph. Make him really really tiny. Now add Dj to make a much cuter version of daddy… Tada! Tristran!

Hello gorgeous mommy!!!!

I have to say… it’s always great to photograph a mommy to be. They’re so gorgeous and full of joy and love and never shy away from showing it when I’m capturing these special moments… as a dad though I have to say that when I get a dad to be that really “gets into it” and shows the emotions I remember feeling myself when my little ones were inside my wife’s tummy… that rocks even more 🙂

Here’s a fun shot that isn’t flattering per se… but I just love how much fun it is to take the tummy and turn it into a “Planet”

A quiet moment on the sand

Love this shot Lisette took Gorgeous mommy FTW!!!!:

These two were inspired by someone else’s work. Thank you 🙂

DJ as seen by Ralph…

…Ralph as seen by Dj

Ralph is all about the Spidey!

Another great idea Lisette had… a variation on a common shot… see what’s different? 🙂

where’s the pregnant mommy?

and to close…

Djrianna, Ralph… congratulations on your incredibly gorgeous baby. We look forward to seeing him in the flesh 🙂

You can see the rest of the photos on the proofs site