Jennifer and Derek – Lifestyle Couples Session in Hollywood, Florida

No, not a South Florida Wedding and not an Engagement Session either… but a gorgeous couples’ session nonetheless.  Jennifer and Derek are total naturals in front of the camera… which is understandable in the case of Jennifer, who models (and dances and does all sorts of other cool things!) but Derek… he’s just a regular dude… but wow… check out the intense GQ look below!

After that shot we kept joking around that he’s got the intense look of an underwear model… oh yeah and I should note that when he jokingly asked something along the lines of “ok is this when we do the underwear shots” … my wife didn’t make a peep … hum… 🙂

At any rate… photographing them was a pleasure and an honor… and if you guys end up together… let’s totally hook up a cool multi-hour session 🙂

Here’s a shot I’d like comments on (you can email me if you prefer to keep your thoughts private)… I had this idea while shooting a tiny little baby, that we often don’t have photos from the vantage point of Ourselves while doing something… in the case of the baby I shot the baby as the parent would see him while they held him. In this case the idea was to use a normal lens (which gives a very natural perspective) and shoot the photo from the position where Derek’s eyes would be if he were gazing into Jennifer’s eyes as he gently cupped her face… does it work?

And speaking of cupping… 🙂

Two can play this game!

This shot below deserves an explanation.  As usual at the beginning of the session I mentioned to them that the best “kiss” photos are photos where they’re about to kiss… not the actual kiss itself.  Well… guess what… without me even realizing it they took my words to heart and literally NEVER kissed during the whole session LOL.  Except when we started taking some totally silly ultra-wide-angle shots… which I certainly didn’t intend on posting…  but hey… it’s the only kiss shot I have, so here it is LOL

And from kiss… to … Uh Tongue bite-pull 🙂

Guys, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the little time we had available making some fun photography.  Thank you!

Oh and Derek… unfortunately for my wife we don’t really do underwear model photography but if that’s where you see yourself in 5 years… I might have some contacts you might want to talk to 🙂

All the photos for the session are on the proofs section of the website.

Kirkendall – Family Portraits in Downtown Hollywood

As many of you know I recently volunteered at the “Share the Love” event in downtown Hollywood.  This family was one of the many who came out and supported the relief efforts for the earthquake victims in Haiti by exchanging a generous donation for a brief portrait session.  It was great… families donated
money, photographers donated their time… win win all around!

Heater, Angela and Sean came by sometime around noon and we set out in the alleys of downtown to capture some great family portraits.

I’m always amused by the fact that parents, and in this case the aunt as well, are surprised that their otherwise outgoing young boy, gets shy when confronted with 15lbs of camera equipment and a stranger behind the lens 🙂 Despite Angela and Heather’s repeated concerns for Sean’s lack of cooperation… the little dude did great!!! I’ve certainly identified a couple of shots I will be adding to my family portfolio.

I don’t need to tell you that Angela and Heather are stunning… you can see that for yourself… and Sean is well on his way to be a permanent fixture on all the girls’ cell phones in a few years 😉 … but aside from that, they were a real pleasure to work with, it’s nice to see such a cool bond between sisters, aunt and nephew and mother and son. Thank you to the three of you for warming up our day!

all the photos for the session are on the proofs section of the website.

Delivering a Much Better experience to your iPhone clients

Yeah… a techie post… apologies to my photography-only visitors.

For those of you who may start reading and think “Oh WPTouch” I know about that…  or those who prefer a different mobile plugin I’d suggest you hang around for a few minutes as I’ve added a killer hack to WPTouch (or any other mobile plugin) which will undoubtedly make the experience MUCH better for your iPhone (and other mobile device users).

So… if you have a WordPress blog … and display a lot of large images … and you’re either plagued by a pathetically slow host (yeah that would be me), or you simply want to help out the clients who pay based on bandwidth usage, and give them a much faster user experience… this post is for you.

In the remainder of this post I will presume that you will be using WPTouch but as I mention at the end you can use this with any other appropriate plugin/theme.

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