Inserting Multiple Images into WordPress at once – Two even Better ways

As a photographer needing to blog photos from my South Florida Weddings, Engagements and other photography sessions, I find myself needing to post a number of photos at once in a blog entry with more frequency than your average blogger.

I’ve researched this extensively and already had a post that suggested using attachment-extender and another post that offered what amounts to a wordpress hack to help solve this problem.

Today I have two new solutions (which are the ones I’m currently using).  I don’t have a specific preference of one over the other because I’m a Windows user.  Someone who isn’t a Windows user will only be able to go with my first suggestion.

WordPress Plugin Solution – works on all platforms

The plugin I’m using these days, which has replaced the previous ones I wrote about is Faster Image Insert.  It offers a number of features (many of which I don’t even use) including making it ridiculously easy to add many images in one fell swoop.  What the plugin does is add a panel to the New Post scren in WordPress, which gives you direct access to uploading images from your PC, from a URL, as well as your media library.  Once you have the images loaded into the media library you can see them right here on the same page as the post, check off the ones you want inserted (one at a time, or many at once) and click Insert Selected Images.

Simple as that.  And portable because it lives in your wordpress

Microsoft Live Writer Solution – works only in windows

The plugin above would make it seem that using a blog-writing tool would be pointless, but sometime you’re so lazy you don’t even want to deal with having to search for your images to upload, and would rather just drag them into a post.

Microsoft Live Writer lets you do just this.  It’s very customizeable, easy to use, free.  And you can drag/drop as many images as you want, compose your post offline and then publish it on WordPress.

It gets a big thumb up from me.

Let me know what you think, in the comments.

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Theierl Maternity Session

had a fantastic time photographing this awesome couple as they get ready to welcome Colin into the world.


This one below was probably the most striking photo from the session… 20090907_082621_5D_0001-Edit

…And here is me shooting it20090907_082753_D300_9389-Edit

Thanks guys for the honor of documenting this precious moment in your and your future baby’s life.

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Nikki and Marcelo – Lifestyle Couples Session in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A bit unusual for a couples’ session but we lead this one with a solo portrait of a car.  Jessie, as her owner named her 🙂

We cruised around Fort Lauderdale Beach hoping for some respite from the weather, but no go.  We were only able to get a few clicks in before the rain forced us to move to Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Of course sometime what looks like a bad thing is a blessing in disguise.  As we parked our cars the sun started peeking out of the clouds and I was able to capture this:


We closed the night with this:


we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.  Thank you!

South Florida Wedding Photography – Anna and Sean – Studio Album


Anna and Sean’s Studo Album is done, and ahead of schedule! (What is a Studio Album and how is it different from the couple’s Wedding album?)  Keep reading and you’ll find a link to see the whole album in an online page-flipping interface.  Above you can see one of my favorite spreads… I just LOVE Anna’s expression as she looks at herself in the mirror in her wedding gown for the very first time.  Truth be told, with brides this gorgeous my job is way too easy! 🙂  I also really like seeing the bridesmaids getting ready and the killer shot of their awesome kicks!

This one below is one of Nadia’s favorites, featuring both Anna and Sean’s first dance and their dances with the moms, a wonderfully moving moment of their special day.

We expect to have all the proofs up by the end of the week as promised, hopefully sooner.

In the meantime please enjoy Anna and Sean’s Studio Album and of course, Please let us know what you think in te comments – it means a lot to us to hear your feedback! 🙂