Polanco – Family portraits in Downtown Hollywood

Had a blast photographing this wonderful family in Downtown Hollywood.  The weather was great, the light was fantastic and Rosie and Joel were awesome, open to trying all sorts of different things and having a good time!



Rosie looking at her little man 🙂



Here’s what happens when you leave a 6 year old loose while you’re getting your camera equipment out of your trunk 🙂



I Love this one 🙂

Polanco-05 Polanco-06 Polanco-07 Polanco-08


Here’s another one of my favorites… nose to nose

Polanco-09 Polanco-10 Polanco-11 Polanco-12 Polanco-13 Polanco-14 Polanco-15



I still can’t believe his mommy let me plop him up there!!!  ok, ok there was soft Astroturf below … and I did shoot it from an angle that would make him look higher up than he really is 🙂



“Where do you think you’re going young man?” … ok I have to admit it… it’s a total setup 🙂Polanco-18


Guys, thank you for a great session.  Joel thanks especially to you for being such a good sport and going along with all the setups and all, thumbs up for sure!

You can see the rest of the set on the proofs site by clicking here

RockBand Party in Boca Raton, Florida

When Kelly and Dan throw a party, they THROW A PARTY.  And when they throw a RockBand Party, it’s like a freggin’ Rock Concert… complete with players decked out in Rocker Attire, enormous projection screen, multiple stages, great eats…  these peeps can throw a party like nobody else can.

So when we were invited to go play I figured why not bring some camera equipment and try to do justice to their awesome setups?  Some gelled flashes, some creative compositions with flash flare in the shots and I’m happy to say that I got exactly what I was looking for.


Our gorgeous rock star host:  Kelly



…and her hubby Dan





RockBand2-3 RockBand2-6 RockBand2-29RockBand2-38

The second stage



my (much) better half.. probably expressing her joy at having landed me 🙂RockBand2-42


Shawn easily taking the “Best move of the night” with this impromptu dance to a James Brown song



fake moustache 🙂



love this candid

RockBand2-18 RockBand2-51

Many more photos are available on the proofing site, by clicking here

Patricia and Michael – South Florida Wedding

Before writing anything else, let me just say what a fantastic experience I had shooting this wedding. Michael and Patricia could not have been kinder and friendlier. I had a blast photographing the groom and his attendants getting ready and the day just got better from there.

Patricia and Michael, gorgeous on the outside, awesome on the inside! Congratulations guys!!!

Cruz Wedding-16

We started out at the “W” in Fort Lauderdale. It’s a good thing we had watches with alarms set to move us along, otherwise that place is a photographer’s paradise… what a gorgeous, gorgeous hotel! That, however pales in comparison to how incredibly cool Michael and his groomsmen were about the shoot. I suggested a playful mocking of the typical “Bride getting reay” shots and they were ALL FOR IT. Ok… cue the photos….

Cruz Wedding-37

Cruz Wedding-1

Cruz Wedding-2

Cruz Wedding-3

Cruz Wedding-4

Cruz Wedding-5

Cruz Wedding-38

The incredible invisible photographer:

Cruz Wedding-6

Cruz Wedding-7

A pool shot…

Cruz Wedding-8

…and another pool shot

Cruz Wedding-9

Cruz Wedding-10

Even the Church itself seemed to know love was about to be celebrated within it’s walls….

Cruz Wedding-11

ok, if you missed the reference above… check out the reflection of the stained glass!!!

Michael’s first glimpse of his bride…

Cruz Wedding-42

..as her father proudly walks her down the isle

Cruz Wedding-43

Cruz Wedding-44

Cruz Wedding-12

my favorite photo of the day: “Reflections about Love”

Cruz Wedding-13

Cruz Wedding-14

Cruz Wedding-45

Cruz Wedding-15

Cruz Wedding-46

The Bride may indeed have been the most beautiful woman in the world on this day… but she sure had some stiff competition:

Cruz Wedding-17

Cruz Wedding-18

Cruz Wedding-47

Some of the gorgeous details…

Cruz Wedding-19

Cruz Wedding-55

Cruz Wedding-20

Cruz Wedding-48

Cruz Wedding-49

Cruz Wedding-50

Cruz Wedding-51

Cruz Wedding-27

Cruz Wedding-28

The First Dance

Cruz Wedding-21

Cruz Wedding-22

Cruz Wedding-23

Cruz Wedding-24

Patricia’s mom reacting to the toasts…

Cruz Wedding-25

…And Michael’s dad doing the same

Cruz Wedding-26

Cruz Wedding-29

The Parent Dances…

Cruz Wedding-31

Cruz Wedding-30

Cruz Wedding-52

Cruz Wedding-32

Cruz Wedding-33

Cruz Wedding-34

Cruz Wedding-35

Tony… hard at work

Cruz Wedding-36

In Marie-Antoinette’s words… “Let them Have Cake!” 🙂

Cruz Wedding-56

Papa… Papa …. Paparazzi 🙂

Cruz Wedding-57

Dancing with an angel…

Cruz Wedding-53

Cruz Wedding-54

Skori – Family session on Hollywood Beach

Had a great Family Session on the beach a few weeks back with the Skori family. Amanda and Aly are adorable… even while eating sand 🙂 and Mom and Dad were lots of fun to shoot with.

Big thanks to Nadia Rodriguez who came out to assist, shoot, and as it turned out… Babysit : )

Here are some of the photos from the session:

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Mike and Tanny

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Amanda striking a pose for the camera 🙂

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Mike and Tanny again having a moment alone

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Let’s go for a ride Dad!!!

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

The whole family walking along the award winning Hollywood Florida Boardwalk

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Yours truly doing whatever it takes to get the shot above – photo by Nadia Rodriguez

Skori Family Portrait Session-1

Thanks again guys for a great time. Let me know what you think… in the comments 🙂