RockBand Party in Boca Raton, Florida

When Kelly and Dan throw a party, they THROW A PARTY.  And when they throw a RockBand Party, it’s like a freggin’ Rock Concert… complete with players decked out in Rocker Attire, enormous projection screen, multiple stages, great eats…  these peeps can throw a party like nobody else can.

So when we were invited to go play I figured why not bring some camera equipment and try to do justice to their awesome setups?  Some gelled flashes, some creative compositions with flash flare in the shots and I’m happy to say that I got exactly what I was looking for.


Our gorgeous rock star host:  Kelly



…and her hubby Dan





RockBand2-3 RockBand2-6 RockBand2-29RockBand2-38

The second stage



my (much) better half.. probably expressing her joy at having landed me 🙂RockBand2-42


Shawn easily taking the “Best move of the night” with this impromptu dance to a James Brown song



fake moustache 🙂



love this candid

RockBand2-18 RockBand2-51

Many more photos are available on the proofing site, by clicking here

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