Jaelin and David – Engagement Session in Deerfield Beach, Florida


Last night we were privileged to photograph two wonderful out-of-towners, Jaelin and David.  They’re from Colorado and stopped by on their way to a Bahamas getaway.JaelinAndDave-Esesh-01

Jaelin is stunningly beautiful, and David is a good looking guy himself.  He even knew what a 5D2 was when I mentioned it in passing and had a good idea of the sticker price.  Props to Dave on that one.   We had a ton of setbacks that threatened this shoot from technical issues with the flash triggers to a bad weather forecast and a later than expected start to the session which put most of the shots in the dark 🙂

So… how’d it turn out?  Well, if the proof is in the pudding, then I’m very happy with the pudding we got.


JaelinAndDave-Esesh-03 JaelinAndDave-Esesh-04 JaelinAndDave-Esesh-05 JaelinAndDave-Esesh-06 JaelinAndDave-Esesh-07

Early in the shoot we had a constant intruder in all of our shots:  Jaelin’s purse kept managing to get into the frame no matter where she put it.  After moving it a few times I finally decided to give up … drop down into the dirt and let the purse take center stage:


The purse behaved much better after her photo-op 🙂JaelinAndDave-Esesh-08

Well, back to developing the images of this fantastic couple.  Jaelin, I hope you end up loving the photos, enjoy your vacation in paradise!JaelinAndDave-Esesh-11 JaelinAndDave-Esesh-12


This one below was directly inspired by a fellow photographer’s shot on FM… I’m sorry I don’t remember who you are, but I just thought I’d give a shout-out anyway 🙂

JaelinAndDave-Esesh-13 JaelinAndDave-Esesh-14

Thanks to the Broward County Parks employee who said I didn’t need to pay for the sprinkler I broke last night and thanked me for reporting the damage … she said it’s the first time she gets a call from someone who damaged property and was willing to pay for it 🙂

Special thanks to Brenda, Laura and Greg, who took care of our little ones while we were out shooting. We love you guys!

You can see the full set here

Ahyde and Denis’ Wedding Album – Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

South Florida is such a special place to get married.  Wonderful beaches, wonderful weather, world-class accomodations.  Lucky for Ahyde and Denis they only had to drive maybe 10 miles to get married on the sand at the historic Yankee Clipper hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

We are so excited!  This was one of the funnest weddings we’ve done.  Ahyde was gorgeous!  Check out Denis’ expression when he first sees her coming down the isle accompanied by her son!  The bridesmaids looked great in their orange dresses, and the guys were great!  they all had a great sense of humor … you have to see the football sequence (Denis is a big Jets  and Dolphins fan).

We were very happy with all of the spreads.  We had a hard time picking favorites to show you here.

Lisy really likes this one:

Ahyde and Denis Wedding - First Dance
After long deliberations, I’ve decided to post this one as my favorite:

Ahyde and Denis Wedding - Exchange of Vows

Be sure to check out the whole album available online now by clicking here.

All the photos from the beach wedding and reception were taken at the Yankee Clipper in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The engagement photos were taken at T.Y. Park in Hollywood, Florida.