Butterfly in the sun – why you should take a break from “the rules” sometime

The first time I held a camera up to my face and attempted to shoot a picture of older family members I was immediatelly admonished “Stop!  Don’t shoot into the sun!” and then I was carefully turned around so that the sun was now shining into my subjects’ faces (causing all sorts of squinting and harsh shadows I’m sure… but I digress)

I remember the event as if it were yesterday.  It was one of a thousands of little moments we go through in life where a “rule” is tacked on to our body of knowledge.  We tack it on and move on without giving it too much thought.


Who knows how many other butterflies in the evening sun I’ve missed in my shooting career just because I chose to follow that one silly silly “rule” 🙂

The adorable little Butterfly was shot at Veterans Park in Hollywood Florida

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