Psssst! You’re early … or I’m late I guess 🙂

Marco’s photos will be up sometime on the evening of October 6th.

Hum… ok well since you’re here, I might as well show you around. Well… let’s see… you could click Home, up there on the left… no further to the left.. yeah right there. No wait! Don’t click yet! If you click I’m gone!

Anyway… Home will take you to the main page of the blog, where you can see the various entries in the blog, including the spectacular photo (under the Theierl Maternity shoot) where you get to see me brave shark infested waters just to get the shot… and of course the spectacular photo of Nikky and Marcelo kissing in their car… and well… Pia! Yeah.. Pia as a “Sun Goddess” and more!

Have fun!

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