Inserting Multiple Images in WordPress at once – if you’re less adventurous

Update: See more recent post offering the two latest solutions I use.

Let’s say you read my other post on this subject, but for some reason decided that backing up and then replacing a core php file in your installation isn’t something you’d like to do.

There’s a plugin that you might want to try, called attachment-extender.

Since it’s a standard plugin you just upload it into your plugins folder then enable the plugin from the dashboard.

Here’s how you use it:

  • Start writing your new post
  • when you’re ready to insert images click the “Add an Image” button
  • Click “Select Files” and then browse for the files on your computer
  • Select the multiple files you want to insert
  • Wait for the files to upload.
  • Now click the last tab on the “Add an image” dialog box, which should read “Media Library”
  • You will see your whole media library.  The last files you just uploaded should be at the top.
  • Check off each file you want to insert in your post
  • Click “Insert All Checked”
  • Done.

Benefits of this solution:

  • It’s not a hack, but a plugin… should survive version upgrades (until the dude at the wheel wakes up and makes this a standard feature)


  • Compared to the media.php change there are a couple of extra steps, especially clicking the boxes to select the images, and possibly paging to the next page of the gallery if you’re uploading quite a few images.

Of course it’s still tons better than the default of having to go to each image, and imho much better also than the upload then point with links by hand option.

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